Monday, 15 November 2010

Blue and White

My mum recently organised for a group of her friends and me to try our hand at mosaic. 
I decided to use all the little bits of blue and white china that we have dug up, and kept, from our garden.  I wonder why it is ALWAYS blue and white? For once I knew exactly what I wanted to do and so the old garden table I bought years ago from Woolworths became transformed!  I love it … although I'm not sure if I will do any more mosaic as this was maybe a one day craft wonder for me!

Knowing how long my table took to make I am in awe of this “dress” and would love to have the skill and patience to make a 'scarecrow' like this for the garden.  One day perhaps ….

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  1. You'll never have the patience to make something like that.


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