About Daisyley

I am Jo and if you are reading this bit then I guess you'd like to know who I am? So here are five facts:
  • Youngest of four daughters.
  • I grew up on a farm in Essex.
  • I once told someone that I married Ed because he made me laugh when we went weekly shopping in Tescos. Actually not far from the truth because if someone can make you laugh doing a mundane weekly shop then you should marry them.
  • We have two wonderful boys who are growing taller every day.
  • I live in a thatched cottage in a wonderful village.

Now that tells you a little bit about me but why is the blog called Daisyley. Well, this is for no other reason than we live near a brook called Daisyley and ever since I found out the name of this brook I've loved it. It is a constant disappointment to me that we don't live in Daisyley Lane rather than Church End but life's not perfect.

What is the blog about? It is a little bit about my business Daisyley, a bit about my family life and a bit about colours and things surrounding me that I love. So first the Daisyley business bit. This is a business I set up at the beginning of 2011 making personalised bunting and boxes. I mainly sell my products through www.notonthehighstreet.com if you'd like to have a look please do. My family life is about Ed, my husband; Oscar, my eldest son and Archie, my youngest son as well as our dog Jake and chickens (no names as we can't get too attached to them in case the fox comes visiting). Inspiring things can be anything really. Something in the garden, somewhere I have been, something I've done .... anything.