Friday, 15 February 2013

Onesie and an Apology

This is really a post for my god-daughter Abi. 

Abi, do you remember that onesie I bought you that you loved so much that you could hardly bear to take off at Christmas? You know the one that your youngest English cousins greeted with disdain? The one that they teased you about? The one they said was the most awful thing they had ever seen and why on earth did you wear it?

Well Abi it's funny how quickly opinions can change. 

A couple of weeks ago Oscar got his final skiing packing list and on it was the requirement for a onesie. They didn't have to have one but Oscar said he ought to and funnily enough Archie asked if he could have one too - how strange when they were so scornful?

So Abi let me share some photos with you. In this photo for some reason Archie is wearing a red curly wig and my spotty boots, I wonder if this is to distract from the green dinosaur suit he is wearing. You will also notice he's not too keen on having his photo taken and is in fact running away.

Which is funny because he wears it all the time so it is quite easy to photograph him although he has deleted some of the photos off my camera in a bid to stop me showing them to you. But as he wears it all the time, even on the trampoline, it was quite easy to get photographic evidence for you.

He doesn't just like it he absolutely loves it and is even going to wear it for a school assembly after half term. So how is that for a complete turnaround? I think they should both write or skype you a full apology because they think they are comfy and warm and snuggly and you were right and they were wrong.

Oscar has a monkey one ... with a tail ... ! He had some friends over the other night and the three of them all sat watching television with their onesies on (even I found this odd I must admit).

So on behalf of my sons Abi please take this as confirmation that you were right and if you would like to smuggly raise your eyebrows whilst murmuring "silly boy cousins" please feel free to do so. x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

No Parties Day????

I've had a very busy run up to Valentine's Day and have been rushed off my feet with orders for Love Tokens.

The prize for the one that made me laugh the most was a husband who gave his wife a token that was for housework .... to which he added underneath "to the required standard". Wise man, very wise man indeed.

A lot of the tokens have been far too rude to mention here and I've printed some off with eyes half closed thinking they should be sent in a plain brown envelope. My most stupid misread was one that I thought said No Parties and I wondered why anyone would give a token for No Parties. Mmmmmm try changing the R for an N and it will all become apparent. Bit draughty in February though don't you think? 

After sending out romantic order after romantic order do you think I will get anything from my beloved today? Nah doubt it, we don't go in for that sort of thing much.

Going out on Valentine's Day always feels a bit too forced for my liking, in much the same way as I always think that there is too much pressure to have a good time on New Years Eve. One of the best Valentine's Day nights we've had was a few years ago when a group of about twelve of us went out together. We were placed slap bang in the middle of the restaurant with couples all around us. Perhaps it was our raucous behaviour drowning out their sweet nothings but I swear they were all looking at us enviously wishing they had come with a group of friends too. Much more fun and we had a great night. No Couple PaRties is just about right I reckon.


I did get a Valentine's Day present, hush my mouth for not having faith that there is romance in our house. And it's on the right side of tasteful ....

Monday, 4 February 2013

Shocked? Me? Yes frequently!

It is that time of year when I like to get shocked by the notonthehighstreet customers and their choice of tokens. This year my Love Tokens seem to have a bit of Fifty Shades of Grey influence (more bondage) but I'm glad to see that 'having use of the controls' and the less risqué 'massage' are still very popular.

This year I've yet to have a truly shocking set of tokens, in fact so far there have probably been more "ahhhs" than "oooo my goodness" when I first look at the messages. Saying that I have still felt the need to make sure that these orders are done strictly during school hours though to prevent any awkward "what does that mean Mum?" conversations .... yes some of them are pretty graphic and quite rightly of an adult nature as they are Love Tokens. Perhaps I should rename them Luuuurve Tokens?

Another addition for Valentine's Day is my Heart Bunting - I hope you like its simple design. Can't imagine why I haven't done this before really as it goes so well with my Just Married and Just Engaged bunting.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Distant Memories of the Snow

Hard to believe that a week ago everywhere was still covered in snow.

And it was lovely snow, light fluffy and very white. It didn't seem to go horribly grey as it does sometimes but just remained beautiful and as it lasted so long I sort of got used to it. Waking up at the weekend to see it had all disappeared overnight was a bit weird.

It also didn't cause us too many problems as, although we live on a tiny country road, we happen to live near the farm where the local gritting lorry "lives" so it comes past our door and grits us a lovely safe path to the main road. This sort of snow I don't mind and seems preferable to the mud and floods we have again now grrrrrr.

The boys were very happy that they got one and half snow days and made full use of the days off playing in the snow. As it stayed around for a few days it was funny to see how quickly they became blasé and didn't bother rushing outside to play when they got home from school. It was pretty while it lasted but now I would like it to dry up and get more spring like please.