Monday, 4 February 2013

Shocked? Me? Yes frequently!

It is that time of year when I like to get shocked by the notonthehighstreet customers and their choice of tokens. This year my Love Tokens seem to have a bit of Fifty Shades of Grey influence (more bondage) but I'm glad to see that 'having use of the controls' and the less risqué 'massage' are still very popular.

This year I've yet to have a truly shocking set of tokens, in fact so far there have probably been more "ahhhs" than "oooo my goodness" when I first look at the messages. Saying that I have still felt the need to make sure that these orders are done strictly during school hours though to prevent any awkward "what does that mean Mum?" conversations .... yes some of them are pretty graphic and quite rightly of an adult nature as they are Love Tokens. Perhaps I should rename them Luuuurve Tokens?

Another addition for Valentine's Day is my Heart Bunting - I hope you like its simple design. Can't imagine why I haven't done this before really as it goes so well with my Just Married and Just Engaged bunting.

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