Friday, 1 February 2013

Distant Memories of the Snow

Hard to believe that a week ago everywhere was still covered in snow.

And it was lovely snow, light fluffy and very white. It didn't seem to go horribly grey as it does sometimes but just remained beautiful and as it lasted so long I sort of got used to it. Waking up at the weekend to see it had all disappeared overnight was a bit weird.

It also didn't cause us too many problems as, although we live on a tiny country road, we happen to live near the farm where the local gritting lorry "lives" so it comes past our door and grits us a lovely safe path to the main road. This sort of snow I don't mind and seems preferable to the mud and floods we have again now grrrrrr.

The boys were very happy that they got one and half snow days and made full use of the days off playing in the snow. As it stayed around for a few days it was funny to see how quickly they became blasé and didn't bother rushing outside to play when they got home from school. It was pretty while it lasted but now I would like it to dry up and get more spring like please.

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  1. It certainly looks like you had plenty of the white stuff. We're most definitely back to the brown stuff here ... mud rules in North Wales!


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