Thursday, 14 February 2013

No Parties Day????

I've had a very busy run up to Valentine's Day and have been rushed off my feet with orders for Love Tokens.

The prize for the one that made me laugh the most was a husband who gave his wife a token that was for housework .... to which he added underneath "to the required standard". Wise man, very wise man indeed.

A lot of the tokens have been far too rude to mention here and I've printed some off with eyes half closed thinking they should be sent in a plain brown envelope. My most stupid misread was one that I thought said No Parties and I wondered why anyone would give a token for No Parties. Mmmmmm try changing the R for an N and it will all become apparent. Bit draughty in February though don't you think? 

After sending out romantic order after romantic order do you think I will get anything from my beloved today? Nah doubt it, we don't go in for that sort of thing much.

Going out on Valentine's Day always feels a bit too forced for my liking, in much the same way as I always think that there is too much pressure to have a good time on New Years Eve. One of the best Valentine's Day nights we've had was a few years ago when a group of about twelve of us went out together. We were placed slap bang in the middle of the restaurant with couples all around us. Perhaps it was our raucous behaviour drowning out their sweet nothings but I swear they were all looking at us enviously wishing they had come with a group of friends too. Much more fun and we had a great night. No Couple PaRties is just about right I reckon.


I did get a Valentine's Day present, hush my mouth for not having faith that there is romance in our house. And it's on the right side of tasteful ....


  1. Very funny :) And I absolutely agree about all the hype - feel same as you about Valentines and New Year! Charlotte @ Cottontails x

  2. My beloved gave me the most enormous bunch of imaginary flowers this morning. They were far more beautiful than anything he would have picked out at the florists - all my favourites and not a naff red rose amongst them.

  3. so funny! I feel just the same about New Year's Eve, just me on my own with the wind and hail outside today, maybe my other half will remember later! Love your gift x Catherine


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