Friday, 10 May 2013

A Birthday Treat and a Pretty Sight

Mum had a little birthday last week and it  was decided that we (mum, me and two sisters) would go to Oxford to visit the Ashmolean Museum and in particular to see the  John Tradescant’s collection. We had a circuitous, but very pretty, journey there going past mum's old school and passing through some lovely countryside. Arriving just in time for lunch - we like to get our priorities right -  we went straight up to the roof terrace of the Ashmolean for a light lunch.

Gorgeous place to have lunch sitting outside in the May sunshine and they had the most amazing lights inside which I had to take a photo of ... made of feathers. We decided you would need A LOT of feathers to do this.

We then went and had a little mosey round the museum although just walking through the building is pretty impressive in itself.

Two of us sped through as we are wont to do and there were lots of interesting things to read and look at and we particularly liked the currency and money exhibit.

Truth be told I was a little disappointed when we got to the Tradescant collection as I expected it to be in cabinets. There was one cabinet but I think I prefer Anne's virtual cabinet really.

Too sunny outside to stay inside any longer we went for a walk around Oxford, taking in the sights.

We stumbled across a fabulous shop call Objects of Use. Heathen that I am dare I say I enjoyed looking at the objects in this shop more than the objects in the Museum?

We stopped to admire some Morris Dancers who were there in force as it was May Day and then wanting a cup of tea we wandered back to the Ashmolean. 

This turned out to be the highlight of my day. Sitting there waiting for our tea and who should walk in but Grayson Perry. Not wanting to turn round and be obvious about it Sister #2 asks where he is and will she be able to recognise him? Sister #1 and I reply "You'll know which one he is as he's the only one with a Little Bo Peep hat on". He looked amazing. Gorgeous, gorgeous blue and white patterned dress with petticoats underneath and blue sash, white ankle socks and white mary janes. He had a matching hat and dear little bag. No photo of him as I was just too embarrassed to take one properly but mum drew a sketch when she got home.

My highlights of our day out. Spending enjoyable hours in the car just chatting, the Ashmolean for its architecture  Oxford for the Objects of Use shop and seeing Grayson Perry's alter ego Claire.

What a great way to spend someone else's birthday!

The Birthday Girl


  1. I love Oxford too and you've reminded me I haven't been to the Ashmolean since they've remodelled.

    Must go!!

  2. Looks like your mother had a very nice birthday! Please blog more often. I love seeing your pictures and stories of the U.K.


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