Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Teenage Kicks

We now have a teenager in the house as Oscar turned the big one three today. Scary stuff but happy to report he hasn't turned overnight into monosyllabic Kevin The Teenager .... phew.

Shhhhh don't tell him this but he's actually not that bad to have around the place. Okay so he doesn't always tidy his room and he has some very annoying habits like drinking milk straight from the bottle, physically restraining his brother, randomly walking around naked, not putting dirty clothes in the wash, using me as a taxi service and putting the phone down in mid conversation but on the whole he's actually quite lovely. I love his enthusiasm for his passions of scooters and rugby. I love his knack of convincing me I really do want eight of his friends over for a sleepover. I love his attempts to remember to be nice to me "Would you like a cup of tea?". I love his continued  belief that I care about his scooter or its parts. I love how he tells me in great detail about the exciting day he had at the skate park. I love how he always seems to be the one in the wrong place when a job needs doing but does it anyway. I love how he always does his homework (maybe not exactly with huge effort every time but he does do it.) I love his bashful half smile if anyone praises him. I love that he makes me laugh ... often. Happy Birthday Oscar and welcome to your teens.


  1. Happy birthday, Oscar. My nephews neve turned into teenage monsters, so I'm sure all will be well.sounds as if he's a credit to you.

  2. Happy Birthday Oscar!

    I don't have a teen in the house any more (the youngest hit 20) and I find I quite miss that!


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