Friday, 21 December 2012

Carlotta's Chocolates

Have I mentioned before that I have the best customers ever? Well I don't care I shall mention it again. Look what arrived in the post for me from my favourite customer .... yes beautiful, delicious, decadent chocolates.

A Christmas present from the lovely Charlotte of Carlotta's Chocolates. Go "like" her on on the Facebook page and have a look at her new website and marvel at the combination of enticing chocolate and amazing photographs.

Carlotta's Chocolates look beautiful, taste even better and really are the most delicious thing ever. I can not recommend them highly enough and now it's easy to get them delivered straight to your door - just order some and I promise you will thank me when you do.

Charlotte makes these marvels in her chocolate kitchen in rural Angus, Scotland. To be honest I wasn't that sure where Brechin, Angus was (my mum, Scottish relations and sister who lived for a while in Aberdeenshire would be ashamed of me I know) but I do now because I looked on a map! 

I love the joys of the internet with me down way down south and Charlotte way up north that we have formed a friendship through her love of bunting and my love of chocolate.

Happy Christmas everyone and please help yourself to a virtual Carlotta's Chocolate from the box above .... they will have to be virtual in more ways than one as the box now looks like this. They were really really really yummy.

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