Friday, 19 April 2013

New Neighbours

We don't often get new neighbours in my part of the village so I wanted to make a good first impression but the 79p pansies I bought from the local hardware store (limited shops on my post office run) wrapped in a thin blue plastic bag didn't quite look right.

However, whip off the 79p stickers, put a bit of recycled tissue paper around them, wrap round some yellow bakers twine and add a Penguin Classics postcard and voilĂ  a present fit for a new neighbour.

Always sad to say goodbye to neighbours who you've known for a long time and there is always the dread that someone you don't like might move in but am happy to report that on first meeting new neighbour seems lovely. Now all I have to do is arrange a little soiree*  {what is it with me and smatterings of French today} with the other neighbours.

* Don't worry I most definitely did not use the word soiree when I was talking to her I'm sure I said get together.

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  1. How come you can make a 79p pot of flowers look ten times better with a bit of wrapping, while I could wrap a £7.90 pot and make it look worth 79p.


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