Friday, 6 May 2011

Hedgerow King or Queen Tutorial

I do a Children's Page for our village monthly news but as none of the children sent a contribution this month I had to quickly come up with something and here it is as a tutorial - get me - yes a tutorial!

Following the Royal Wedding I thought that small children may want to have crowns and be a King or a Queen For The Day and this activity is quick and simple and really rather sweet!

All you need is:

Thin card
Double sided sticky tape
Small flowers and foliage

Cut a piece of card to the size of the child's head and then attach some double sided sticky tape all the way round or just at the front. Then go into the garden, or go for a walk, and attach flowers and other vegetation to your 'crown'.

Of course it doesn't last very long but it looks really pretty for a short time.

Word of warning: obviously don't use poisonous berries or plants as they are not suitable for Kings or Queens and make sure you use little flowers to cover up all the sticky tape so it doesn't stick to the Royal hair (or heir) ... ouch!

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