Monday, 9 May 2011


Perfect just perfect ... The Perfect Gift Guide 2011.

Getting asked to be in the Not In The High Street gift guide was really flattering. In my newbie naivety I thought they rang everyone and asked .... mmmmmm .... now I don't think that is the case so feel quite appalled that the first time they asked I said no!

The new gift guide hit the doorsteps on Thursday and so far it has proved to be a pretty good decision to go in. It's a new format of catalogue and gets posted to 750,000 people - that's a lot of people.

If you don't get the catalogue then please have a look at the virtual one page 32 bottom left hand side!

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  1. My catalogue arrived on Saturday - so obviously page 32 was the place I opened it. Hope you get lots of interest from it. Catalogue's now in recycling but that doesn't matter because I know where to find you without it.


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