Monday, 20 August 2012

Personalised Hen Party Bunting

It's always a good sign when a new product gets an order the very first day of going live and that's what happened with my Personalised Hen Party Bunting and so I'm glad I finally got round to sorting it out.

I always get a lot of hen party bunting orders through my Bespoke Bunting but wanted to have a specific Hen Party one and offer the alternative of having small, medium and large. Initially I came up with a different design and I'd done the prototypes months ago but only got round to taking photos last week and then set it up on notonthehighstreet but I knew that the ordering system was just too complicated and it wasn't quite right. Then suddenly I realised what I needed to do and had done the design, photos and description in the space of a morning!

I've got another four orders going out today so I'm happy that I've made the right choice and got rid of the other complicated ordering one that would have had customers confused before they got anywhere near buying some! It's funny how sometimes you just have to look at things slightly differently and realise when you've got scrap something and start again.

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