Saturday, 11 August 2012

Week 3 - Summer Holidays 2012

After the excitement of going to the Olympics last week, we were keen to experience a bit more of the London 2012 magic so we went for another visit this week. This time we travelled by various London modes of transport. Train, tube, Docklands Light Railway, River Bus and Cable Car .... yes cable car!

It was brilliant and just a little bit scary in a good way. If you've not heard about the cable car then read all about it here. Plainly Oscar didn't really know what we were doing in London because when he first saw the cable car his initial reaction was "I'm not going on THAT" we had to explain that it wasn't really a choice thing and he had to {cruel mother} and of course he loved it and couldn't wait for the return journey.

The journey across the Thames is only about ten minutes but a real experience and we could see for miles and miles. We got off at Greenwich and as ever the boys were starving so we found a Wagamamas to have lunch. Perfect day to have lunch outside and we sat and watched all the different nationalities as they headed off to watch the Olympics. Lots of happy policemen and happy Olympic volunteers. It will be very odd to go to London when there aren't lots of happy people to direct you around. The other thing I wanted to do was see the Olympic Rings at Tower Bridge so we boarded a River Bus to zoom us down the Thames.

We had a fantastic day and proved yet again that we are close enough to London to go and do a couple of things and then just go home. If you try and do too much in one day you just end up exhausted and end up spending a small fortune. We loved the cable car and looking at the Olympic Rings and although it was a pretty hot day I'd still rather be in London in the bright sunshine than rain any day :-)

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