Monday, 27 August 2012

Week 5 - Summer Holidays 2012

One member of the family had a fabulous week whilst the rest of us pined for him (including the dog!). Archie spent Saturday to Saturday at the Essex International Jamboree. Until we got there last Saturday I hadn't quite appreciated just how large it was .... it was MASSIVE. I think I was expecting something a little larger than the normal Scout Camp, but how wrong was I. Jamborees are big, really big, involving thousands with a proper outdoor live stage and tents everywhere.

Archie came home with a lot of scarves, not quite sure what we will do with a scarf and half a duck on it but I'm sure we will find a use for it if only to serve as a visual reminder of what a brilliant time he had.

He was sharing a tent with three of his very, very good mates and unbelievably this is a picture of the inside. What I want to know is how do the leaders get them to do this .... I mean really HOW do they get them to do this?

On Wednesday the Jamboree had an open day so Granny, Oscar and one of his friends and I went over to see Archie and to have a wander around the site. We were so impressed with the number of activities and organisation and the boys got to try zorbing and had a go in a police simulator. If we'd had a bit more time and I wasn't with two queue adverse people (Granny & Oscar) they could have tried loads more activities.

I was just so pleased to see him, if only briefly, having missed him like mad and so I was a bit sad to have to leave him and go home but he couldn't have cared one bit and was quite relaxed about us going.

He finally came home on Saturday much earlier than expected as they had taken the tents down on Friday night because they thought it would rain on Saturday. I couldn't wait to get there and we had a lovely journey home hearing all about his adventures. He loved it all and got to experience so many things even a fake wound.

Of course I'm just glad he's home .... and with so few dirty clothes to wash! In fact as we were unpacking there was a big pile of clean/unused clothes and only about four garments he had worn. Don't you just love ten year old boys!?!?

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