Monday, 24 September 2012

A change to my daily routine

 Because of this ...

I've had a change to my daily routine and instead of the boys walking down to me when they get off the bus at the end of the school day I now park my car near to their drop off and walk the short distance to the post office.

I walk past the old fire station,

then past the church and through the kissing gate

and amble down Stoney Lane (most definitely not suitable for crutches).

Then after the Post Office visit (and stopping to chat to friends walking back from primary school) I wander back again through the churchyard.

Pausing to think about the Rivers family who had a great deal of tragedy in their family life and also the family of Private E S Brown.

This last week I've glanced up to check on the progress at the Windmill which now has its sails back.

Then I sit in the car looking at the church and waiting for hopalong and his brother to get off the bus. 

Even when he's able to walk down the hill I think I might continue our change of habit as apart from a beautiful little walk down it also stops the boys creeping into the local sweet shop. Sales of sweets, crisps and drinks must be considerably down these last few weeks ;-)


  1. OK, have to know - do you call him hopalong to his face? ;-)

  2. What a lovely walking route! :)

  3. Such a pretty walk, must be a great compensation for the change in your day, except possibly today if it's raining as hard there as it is here!

  4. oh dear, poor hoppalong........ your changed routine looks like a delight though xx


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