Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Labyrinth ... a walk of contemplation

I can't really remember how it came about that my Mum wanted a Labyrinth in her garden but luckily for her one of her daughters happens to be married to a garden designer and Edward Norman was very happy to build his mother-in-law her very own Labyrinth.  

Marking out.

For those not sure what a labyrinth is this is the Wikipedia explanation

In colloquial English, labyrinth is generally synonymous with maze, but many contemporary scholars observe a distinction between the two: maze refers to a complex branching (multicursal) puzzle with choices of path and direction; while a single-path (unicursal) labyrinth has only a single, non-branching path, which leads to the center. A labyrinth in this sense has an unambiguous route to the center and back and is not designed to be difficult to navigate.[2]

Post concreted in.
After what seemed like a very short build time this was the end result - one very special Labyrinth.

The finished Labyrinth.

Some of the posts marking the way have an objet d'art in the glass container adding another little interest as you walk round.

The path is made of local shells which reminds us of the family beach hut and the posts are made of oak from the family farm, another lovely touch. The buxus in the middle will grow to form a hedge the same height as the wooden rectangular blocks.

A couple of weeks ago we had the "grand opening" and we all got to walk round the Labyrinth (although not all of us did so in quiet contemplation).

The official opening was performed by Jethro who, as able assistant on the build, took great pride in the labyrinth and did a great job cutting the bunting even though he declined to make a speech.

As we chatted and sipped a Slamsey's Fruit Gin cocktail and as the light started to fade the hidden surprise became evident as all the posts lit up with their solar powered lights.

It really is amazing .... perhaps Ed could build me a mini labyrinth in our garden?


  1. I'd like one too please because it looks fabulous.

  2. What a fabulous idea - I want one!!
    I hope your mum enjoys every minute of it - it looks so pretty lit up.

  3. Missed this. It's glorious Jo, how wonderful :)

  4. thanks for sharing.


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