Wednesday, 26 September 2012

No New Clothes Challenge - Month 8

I'm so ashamed I nearly blew the whole No New Clothes Challenge for a long sleeved Orla Kiely top

WOMEN O.Kiely Graphic Long Sleeve T-Shirt B

I even went as far as ordering it, trying it on and wondering how I could hide this purchase. I came to my senses though and sent it back, which was a bit silly as it cost me the postage but no one likes a cheater and I'm just about the worst liar in the world so would never have kept up the pretence.

My conscious is clear and I probably wouldn't have worn it anyway as it looked much nicer on the hanger than it did on me!


  1. well done for sticking to your resolution. love that design but think it might look better on a mug, too busy for me to wear for sure. I seem to have managaged another month of not buying clothes, so I'm still in there for the year, living somewhere with no shops and being an awkward size certainly helps......

  2. Now would you have kept it if it hadn't looked nicer on the hanger? Think I'd have found something better than that if I'd wanted to blow the challenge. Not many months left ...


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