Monday, 1 October 2012

Here Comes The Bride

A customer recently asked for a HERE♥COMES♥THE♥BRIDE in my wedding signage bunting. It looked so good I thought I'd take a photo of it.

Since uploading this photo to the product page I now get a request for this bunting a few times a week and a product that hardly made any sales is now doing rather well.

I know full well that my photography lets some of my products down and this was a case in point, the reason I didn't sell much was because the photography was rubbish and customers didn't know what they could use it for. I also know full well that without good photos you don't sell your product ... if only I had a professional photographer onhand at all times. I will just have to work my way through my listings improving improving improving. 
I still have so much to learn about the visual nature of selling a product and the need to show customers what they might like.

I'm also spending a lot of my spare (!) time updating the seo on my products. This is a tedious, difficult and time consuming job but I must get it done. I've told the boys that every time I nag them about their homework they must say seo to me, which they are doing and now I know how easy it is to ignore someone telling you to do something you know you should be doing.


  1. Any requests for the next line? ... All fat and wide.

  2. you are so right, good photos are so important. I am clueless about SEO, must get the hang of it....


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