Monday, 15 October 2012

But it's not even December yet ....

I've just had my busiest week ever with notonthehightstreet all due to one innocent looking little email going out on Thursday. Since then I haven't done any childcare, cooking or socialising! It has been an interesting few days and has made me realise that although it is lovely to see the £££s rolling in I honestly couldn't cope with this all the time. I often look at other people's businesses (always a bad idea to try and compare yourself with others) and think I should expand and grow the business a bit but then when I do have an increased workload I realise that the level it is at the moment is just right. Am loving this little blip but will be glad when things are back to normal and I can schedule in some hoovering .... now who thought I would ever say that?


  1. Ah, the price of success ;)

    There must be some comfort in knowing that the business is there if you found yourself in need of it, but I totally understand the desire to keep things in check. Wishing you blips of just the right size at just the right times ;)

  2. Lovely Blog.....I have alot to learn!! Steff aka Betsy J!!


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