Monday, 24 January 2011

Vintage Hire Photo Shoot

I had an interesting day last week with KateHayleySam and Lucie at Kate's house helping out with a photo shoot for Kate's new business venture. 

Great to see how all the lovely photos come together behind the scenes and only Kate could, in the middle of it all, race out of the house to accost a man with a mangle, then invite him in, buy the mangle and then arrange it in her garden!

I had a lovely day off, with a delicious lunch and cake, so even though none of my Daisyley Boxes bits were included in the shoot, I picked up some great 'styling' tips and ideas for photos outside.  So, I just need Spring to arrive so that I can get outside and take some photos without freezing to death in the process.

Go over to Kate's blog to see a taster of the real photos, rather than my amateur offering above!

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