Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Not Another Bill

I can't exactly remember where I heard about notanotherbill but I seriously love this. The idea is that you sign up for one month (£15), three months (£45) or six months (£90) and each month (or just the once) you get a beautiful, quirky, interesting, present lovingly packaged and sent to you.  

Just out of curiosity I decided to treat myself to a little present from them and when it arrived last week I was very, very excited. I loved it, even the envelope it arrived in was lovely. It was beautifully packaged, beautifully wrapped up and the sheer excitement of not knowing what was inside (even though I'd paid for it) was bizarre but thrilling. I wasn't disappointed and thought the necklace was gorgeous (in fact I haven't taken it off).

Would I get more ... well I just don't know. If I suddenly won £90 then yes I probably would because it's such a fun idea receiving a monthly random package but it is a risk (what if I didn't like it one month) and a big luxury (although I probably spend £15 a month on random stuff anyway). It would be just as much fun if someone else paid for it so perhaps some generous person will sign me up for it ... !?!

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