Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

It's not the most fashionable place to have a beach hut but we love it all the same and this little hut has become part of our family history over the years. It amazes me every year how much the boys continue to love going 'down to the beach hut' and we had a lovely day there last week.  

The beach is a bit stony but the shells are very pretty.

Although there are some lovely pastel beach huts to look at in one direction, I think I prefer looking the other way to see the higgledy piggledy green ones that have a bit more of a story. Some are loved and used all the time, some old and unloved (just for a while) but every one has a family and I'll bet each one will be in a photo album somewhere.

It was good to be back down there again and I hope I will be sharing lots more photos of the beach hut on hot, summer days. Oh wouldn't it be lovely to have a good summer for a change, but will it happen I wonder? Never mind if it's not sunny there is always the lovely bunting my mum made to look at if it's not exactly blazing sun outside!

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  1. I'm not jealous, oh no, not at all, no. Erm yeah, maybe a bit.

    A lot.


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