Friday, 17 February 2012

I knew the day would come

Oscar asked me if he could sell his toy tractors.

He started his collection when he was very little and each year he would get more specific about exactly which model he would like and the collection got bigger and bigger. His Aunty Christy even built him a scaled down shed exactly like hers. He played with them for hours and hours and hours.

A few years ago if I'd said one day he would want to sell his collection he'd have laughed his socks off at such a foolish idea .... but time moves on and now he thinks they are too childish and he's worried that if any of his friends come round and see them they will laugh at him.

"Are you sure?" I say. 

"Yes and I've got a spreadsheet to work out how much I might make from selling them." he says.

I say "What if your friend Rory comes round? I bet he still plays with tractors." 

"He probably won't" he says.

I know he's right and it is time to move on but I feel a bit sad. Thank goodness Archie won't be getting rid of his lego collection just yet.


  1. What Anne said! Keep a few absolute favourites "out of sight" in the attic... He'll be glad he kept some when he's a lot lot older!

    1. Thank you - I think I will do just that. I'd quite like him to hand them on to someone but can't think of anyone sadly.

  2. I'm agreeing with Anne and Emily ... we removed a fair few things to the loft over the years and now the children are adults they've have been so happy to have them back as mementoes of childhood.


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