Friday, 24 February 2012

The Perfect Mug

When I saw the blog post from Becky of Dots and Spots about her new mugs, I just had to put an order in. I had seen them at Top Drawer and, as I'm very particular about the type of mug I like to drink my tea from, I knew these were "the right ones".

It has quickly become my mug of choice. It's perfect you see because it's not too thick (fine bone china you know) and big. My Orla Kiely mugs are nearly right but not always big enough but this one is just right and so gorgeous.

The other bonus is that I no longer have to use the "I'd Rather Be Playing Rugby" mug .... because frankly I wouldn't.

So thank you Becky and thank you Stubbs mugs for providing me with the perfect mug. What I'd really like to do is get rid of all my other mugs and fill the cupboard with Dots and Spots mugs.

Whooops was that the sound of breaking china, how on earth did that happen?


  1. I'm so glad you like it - have a few on the go at home myself - for research purposes - of course! Enjoy

  2. Hehe ... I dare you ;D I can report that the easiest way to immediately need a whole bunch of new mugs is to keep them on a mug tree and accidentally (obviously, because no one would ever do such a thing on purpose) knock it to the ceramic tiled floor. Sadly, since the mug-tree fail some years ago I keep all my mugs in a cupboard, so it would no longer work for me, but I'll go to great lengths for the right mug and these look wonderful. Enjoy that tea :D

  3. Annie, no mug tree in my house I'm afraid and mug cupboard too securely attached to the wall so I shall have to do it stealthily and break them one at a time .... ;-)


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