Friday, 3 February 2012

Mum .... Yes .... Can I ....

Sue of The Quince Tree made me laugh out loud with her recent post FAQs where she told us that the most frequently asked question directed to her is What's for tea?

I get asked What's for tea? What can I have to eat? Where is my ....? continually but the one thing that really gets on my nerves is why oh why do my boys have to say "Mum" to which I have to reply (wherever I happen to be in the house) "Yes" and then they ask the question.

Why can't they start with "Mum where is ...?" "Mum can I ...?" without me having to say in a tetchy irritated way "Yes". They would say it's because they need to make sure I'm listening .... but of course I always listen and give them my full attention ..... mmmmm maybe they have a point.

To add insult to injury last night at 2am Archie shouted out "Mum Mum". I have to admit I didn't answer as I hoped he was sleep talking (he was) but I then lay awake listening in case there really was something wrong. I really hope that won't happen again ....

I know that one day I shall miss the constant Mum, Mum, Mum so shouldn't complain but honestly sometimes I say Yes about a million times in one day!


  1. oh I get that too. except I have started insisting that instead of shouting "mummy" and expecting me to go to them, that they have to come and find me and ask me something. it is clearly going to take them a long time to learn this though......

  2. Oh Jo, me too! Although my four have at least grown out of it now, mostly!


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