Wednesday, 1 February 2012

No New Clothes Challenge Month 1

First month of my no new clothes challenge. Have I been tempted ... yes. Have I succumbed ... no.

I seem to be able to look without buying at the moment although when I see anything clothes related (website or catalogue) I am hoping with fingers crossed there aren't any lovely white tops. It seems the only thing I'm worried about is finding that elusive perfect white top.

The real bonus is that going shopping is so much quicker. I can pop into our local town and do all my jobs in under an hour because I'm not "just popping into" any clothes shops.

When I went up to London the other day I was tempted to go and have a browse round Liberty and Anthropologie but I was too scared so stayed on the tube. I wish the people around me could have heard my internal struggles as I was deciding whether to get off the tube or not! I really was having an argument inside my head,

"Don't you'll just get tempted."
"But I'll only look I won't buy."
"Yes but if you get off you'll be late back."
"But I won't be long, I promise I'll be really quick."

On and on it went until eventually I had gone too many stops along so it was pointless arguing with myself any longer!

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  1. living somewhere where there are no decent clothes shops makes this sort of challenge easy..... except when you actually really need something........


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