Friday, 3 June 2011

Cub Camp aka Don't Change Your Clothes Camp

Archie went off to cub camp from Saturday to Wednesday. It changes the whole family and it was almost as if we were all just "going through the motions" until he was back with us.

He loved the fact that he got to have his favourite tea the night before he left as his 'last supper'.

He loved the fact that I made lemon drizzle cake just for him.

And of course he loved the fact that we missed him terribly and he couldn't wait to leave home! He didn't miss us at all and had the most fantastic time.

I packed far too much for him (as always) and I will not tell you about the socks that he came home in, suffice to say he had not used the five pairs of clean socks I'd packed for him .... eugh!

I always pack a little note for them to find when they unpack and sometimes I get one in return.

Although Oscar would never actually admit it - he did miss his brother and apart from just wanting him back I was also pleased to have him home so that I didn't get asked "will you come and bowl to me", "will you come and play tennis with me" "what can I do".

Oh yes now I remember why I had two children eighteen months apart ... so they could play with each other. Normality is resumed.

[whisper] Actually not quite normality because they haven't started bickering again yet. 

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  1. We still need a bit more rain. Could you send Archie away again this weekend please? Worked last time.


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