Friday, 17 June 2011

Little Fluffy Chicks

Hen number 1 (well I don't think it is hen number 2) has successfully hatched three chicks. Not sure she's the best mum in the world but she's doing her best and so far things seem to be going quite well. Let's hope they are three little girls rather than boys!

They are gorgeous and I can hear them shuffling around tweeting outside as I sit at my desk - ahhh. They are very, very sweet.

{Ed is convinced they are cockerels ... but how does he know this? He doesn't he is just the eternal pessimist methinks.}


  1. they should be born with either a little blue or pink ribbon round their necks! Gorgeous!!!


  2. I bet Ed's right. Realist, not pessimist. Unless you're wanting cockerels to fatten, in which case they'll all be pretty little hens.

  3. Kath - pink and blue ribbons would be very handy! Although the not knowing does mean we will continue to love them until we find out ... because Anne is right they are bound to be boys as we want girls.


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