Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Orla Kiely

Last week my friend very kindly drove me up to London to go to the Orla Kiely Summer Sample Sale. Her husband works just across the road from where the sale was held AND is important enough to have a car parking space so we had to go didn't we?

We did a quick school run and set off. Although we made good time and we were escorted by a super efficient doorman to where we wanted to go we just didn't quite beat the crowds and the first lot of people got in before us.

It was hell looking through the windows at all these people with armfuls of stuff and in the end we simply had to turn our backs away from the windows! After a short time queues are quite sociable places and I met a lovely lady who has just set up a super-cool, Eastern flavoured clothes shop called shopyuko.

So what did I buy .... too much. This particular friend is an extremely bad influence and very beguilingly says, "it suits you so you have to get it", "that is very reasonable you'd be a fool not to buy that", "go on treat yourself you deserve it". But I am really pleased with everything I bought and am so in love with this bag I can't stop looking at it!

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