Friday, 4 November 2011

Half Term Happiness

It was half term last week and Oscar was in dire need of a week off and it seems to have done the trick. The grumpy, sulky, teenager-like boy has disappeared.

We had a relaxing first half of the week. Oscar went on a sleepover and Archie got to visit Bluewater for the first time ... he loved it!

Going with Archie to Bluewater I visited shops that I've never so much as glanced at before - Lego shop, gadget shop etc etc and I was most certainly NOT allowed anywhere near any girlie clothes shop no no no. We did find one shop that we both loved though and that was Paperchase. I bought some wonderful cards.

1 and 4 Paperchase sticker postcard; 2 and 3 Alison Hardcastle;

And I also bought some sparkly silver bits and bobs!

The rest of the week the boys attended a rugby camp (like they don't play enough rugby as it is).

Oh and we went to see Johnny English Reborn which was really good apart from, dare I say it, me thinking that Rowan Atkinson is just too old even to be playing a spoof James Bond.

Good week off - shame it was only a week.

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  1. LOVE Bluewater! Also Urban Outfitters i imagine could be fun for both of you?


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