Friday, 18 November 2011

When I should have been working ...

On Saturday morning the boys and I went to our local village Sale of Work. We came home with lots of cakes and sweets and also a couple of other things.

Love this Ladybird Weather Book.

And even if the boys don't use it I shall look at this history book.

The doily was 20p, only 20p! And I loved this little mouse, which will live in my kitchen and will hopefully frighten off all the real live mice that seem to so love my kitchen.

When I got home, I should've done some work  ... but I couldn't because Archie and I had to go and buy some batteries for the best thing ever. On Friday night I got given a Kandela which we have had so so so much fun with. EVERYONE should own one.

When I got home, 
I should've done some work ... but some friends popped in for a cup of tea .... which then led to wine ... then another friend turned up and, well, it was the end of Saturday.

On Sunday I really I should've done some work ... but I had to go and take 24 pints of milk and about 400 bread rolls to the rugby club so that was Sunday morning and most of the afternoon.

I did do a few hours work on Sunday afternoon ... but then the boys decided they wanted to cook tea and so I had to loiter in the kitchen to sort of help. Oscar made some soup, Archie did the veg and yorkshire puddings and Ed cooked the meat, luckily I had made jelly the day before so it was a real family effort. The boys set the table, had a menu and a seating plan!

Lucky we had some pretend money - v expensive restaurant.
I was mightily impressed with the name - my boys have good aspirations!

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