Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mellow, Autumnal Colours

Autumn is not my favourite season by a long shot but this year I've started to see why other people love it. Everywhere is just a riot of colour.

Everywhere I go there seem to be golden avenues of hedges and trees.

Is it because we haven't had any wind or rain that the leaves have stayed on longer? Or is it just that I've never really looked before? Perhaps it is because it has been so warm?

Well, whatever it is I am definitely coming round to the idea of liking Autumn but if it gets cold and rainy and miserable I reserve the right to start disliking it again.


  1. I knew all those quotes except the second one, which is marvellous :D I adore autumn, although there is the matter of having the right boots for mud around here! Enjoy all that leaf colour :D

  2. Hopping over from Silverpebble (I'm slowly making my way through the bloghop) and I loved your leafy photos. Our autumn colour is mostly gone, thanks to a hard frost.

    Wonderful Camus quote!


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