Monday, 21 November 2011

Oscar's Birthday Weekend

It was Oscar's birthday yesterday but he managed to stretch his birthday out for the entire weekend! It started straight from rugby training on Friday with a sleepover and then it was off to the skatepark early on Saturday morning.

His birthday/Christmas present was a new bike and it had to be tried out ... of course. He was one happy boy.

We are really lucky to live close to an excellent skatepark which was deserted early on Saturday morning mainly because, although it was a gorgeous sunny day, it was damp. This made it very slippy and they all fell off at least one. He scared me half to death when he decided he had to have a go "in the bowl".

Then on Sunday it was pancakes for breakfast, rugby match and steak and chips for lunch/tea.

It was pretty much his perfect weekend really. Happy Birthday Oscar x


  1. Happy Birthday Oscar, glad you had a good time :D

  2. Happy Birthday Oscar!
    That skateboard park looks pretty cool - but what's with the rain? Next year you should celebrate your birthday on the beach (in Sydney!)


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