Sunday, 11 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 11

Put up a wreath.

My wreath has actually been hanging on the door since last Tuesday because I made it myself! Well I say made it myself, I actually had a lot of help from the lovely Sam Cotterrell of 
Violets and Velvet because Sam had a bit of a masterclass.

It was really good fun and Sam is such a wonderful teacher. It is always surprising how you all start with the same things and everyone produces something different and unique.

This is Sam's example

and this is how they all turned out. 

Aren't they fantastic? I had such a lovely evening with amongst others Kate Fletcher who has also blogged about the wreath making course here.


  1. Beautiful. I love a nice Christmas wreath. Unfortunately as soon as I put one up here it wilts with the heat. I am thinking I will have to go for a fake one this year.

  2. What a gorgeous wreath! Actually, what a gorgeous front door!! Lucky you, workshops like that are rather thin on the ground in my corner of the world.

  3. Oh wow! I went looking for a wreath today - the selection was woeful locally. Wish I had been to a wreath making masterclass too!

  4. Looks wonderful and so much better to have one that's unique to you.


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