Saturday, 3 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 3

Go ice skating.

Ummmm I'd love to go ice skating but we won't get round to it today so here is a pretty picture instead.

When I was little it would sometimes be cold enough for us to ice skate on our pond. Dad would be sent on as 'chief tester' to see if it was strong enough to hold us and if it was, then on we'd go slipping and sliding and landing on our bottoms.

I seem to remember that we would strap cushions to our bottoms and would often take a chair on to the ice to hold onto. As the cushions and chairs no doubt portray we were not very good at it. 

I suspect that going to a public ice rink with a cushion strapped to my bottom might look a bit odd so it is probably best if I don't go.

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  1. In my memory I am a wonderful ice skater. In reality (as proved last year) I am a positive liability on the ice. I'll just watch, thank you!


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