Sunday, 18 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 18

Take a Christmas photo.

Archie appeared in his school production this week. Slightly poignant as this might be the last primary school Christmas play I go to. 

Some of my favourite memories are from school shows. I only have to say to one sister about a giant star and she will be back at my eldest nephew's school many years ago watching a play that featured a child as a giant star that couldn't quite walk in a straight line. And my mum (and a lot of friends/teachers) are guaranteed to have the fit of giggles at the thought of Oscar a few years ago doing a a Scottish dance in a kilt that kept falling down. I've loved every single one so I'll just have to go over to Australia to see the two youngest members of the family in a play to get my primary school fix.

Archie and his class gave us a very professional performance and it was great. We will have fond memories of A Christmas Carol aka Humbug forever!

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