Friday, 9 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 9

Make Christmas Biscuits.

Archie and I loved doing this. I've got a set of biscuits cutters (bought in a Cox & Cox sale a couple of years ago) shaped like stars in all different sizes so that you can create a star tree. It is fantastic. Of course there is always a fight over who gets the top and the bottom!


  1. Oh, I was given one of those sets and I've made lots of stars but never a tree. It Has To Be Done - thank you for the inspiration!

  2. How wonderful is that! I am about to order some Cox and Cox snowflake cutters ... can't really justify the expense, but they are perfect, have you seen them?

  3. Annie, we have a snowflake cutter too ;-) I seem to have lots of cookies cutters and jelly moulds .... !


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