Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Advent Calendar - Day 20

Sing or listen to some carols.

We have been singing carols a lot this week. Although singing is probably stretching the description a bit far and actually even with Granny here the other day there was still quite a lot of "la la la la" when we forgot the words!
We also went to the village Christmas service on Sunday when my boys totally humiliated me by singing the wrong words to "We Three Kings".

This was the only carol they sang loudly.
This was the only carol they sang with joy.
This was the only carol they did not fidget or squirm through.

[Added 21/12/11] For those of you who don't know the words .... We Three Kings of Orient are, One in a taxi one in a car, one on a scooter picking his hooter smoking a fat cigar, Oooooo star of wonder star of light sit in a box of dynamite, light the fuse and off we go all the way to Mexico.

I sometimes ask myself what I did to deserve two boys ;-) I suspect their father was encouraging them, I also suspect that the people behind them wondered if they could be hearing correctly.

To finish on something good though here is a random but rather lovely photo taken from my bedroom window that Archie took yesterday morning ....


  1. Snort. You have to love boys - and their naughty dads!

  2. So what were the wrong words to 'We Three Kings' - something horribly rude that you won't put on your blog? My mind is boggling (but also trying to think up appropriate rhymes).


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