Monday, 12 March 2012

Bon Voyage

This is my new Bon Voyage bunting, which can be personalised.

Confession time: I have a nephew called Jack who happens to be travelling at the moment. Did I make this for him .... well no. Did I even send him a Good Luck and Bon Voyage card ... uhhhhh no. But to be frank if you met him you'd know that he simply wouldn't want it {or appreciate it} so it doesn't really matter.

It just happened that when I needed to take photos I had to put a name on it and obviously his name sprung to mind. He can have it when he gets back!

He seems to be having a good time and has done the bungy jump and jumped out of an aeroplane. I only know this because I asked if I could be his friend on Facebook whilst he was on his travels expecting frequent updates {like his sister did} but he only writes infrequently about jumping from great heights. Too much to expect photos, status updates and little messages from a boy I suppose.

Yet again I look into the future and question why I ended up with two boys ......

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