Friday, 2 March 2012

Happy Notonthehighstreet Birthday To Me

Yesterday was my Daisyley birthday as one year ago I finally went "live" with my notonthehighstreet shop.

On 2nd March 2011 at 16:27 
I was beyond excited to receive my very first order and I had accepted the order by 16:29. The first order appropriately enough was for a birthday banner and I proudly posted if off the next day.

Yesterday saw my one thousand and ninety third order ... yes 1,093 people have ordered from me. I can hardly believe it.
The furthest I've sent bunting to is New Zealand and the nearest was a couple of miles up the road (the only package I've hand delivered!).

I didn't always get it right in the beginning and had a couple of bad reviews but I took it onboard, learnt, changed things and moved on. Thankfully I've had lots of really lovely reviews. One this week said 

"The product, service and delivery was excellent. It arrived the next day and was beautifully packed. I'd have no hesitation in ordering many more!!!" 

It is my aim for all my customers to have that sort of reaction and that comment was just a perfect ending to a great year. To make me even happier I've had my busiest week since beginning of December :-)
I also went into the Venture group of notonthehighstreet sellers which won't mean anything to anyone who isn't a fellow seller, but it is the group I've been aiming for all year and now I've set my sights on the enterprise group {that is a big challenge!}.

Of course, I wish I knew then all the things I know now about customers/retail/selling .... but I'll probably think that this time next year... in fact I know I will as I still have SO much to learn. And that's the great thing I'm learning things all the time, I've met some great people and I'm sure it can still keep growing. It gives me huge satisfaction to say I really enjoy what I do and I still get a thrill when an order pings through.

So today at 16:27 I shall think very fondly of my first customer and think of all the lovely customers I've sent packages off to.

Happy Birthday Daisyley and thank you notonthehighstreet.


  1. What a lovely post Jo - that's pretty amazing sales in your first year! Cough - I'm not going to look at what mine were for the first year - know they were well below that...
    Here's to continued success x Gabs

  2. happy shop birthday, wow you certainly had an amazing first year! hope year 2 is just as great! x

  3. Happy NOTHS Birthday Daisylea ... sounds like a brilliant first year!

  4. Happy noths first birthday and well done on fantastic sales!

  5. That's fantastic, amazing numbers, well done. It shows what hard work and listening to feedback can achieve!

  6. Fantastic - and nice to hear, I'm about to start selling online and that's a very positive thing to read.

    Well done - I'm sure it was mainly down to your hard work.

    Hope your success continues.
    Fleur xx

  7. Happy Birthday! I class 'going live' on as the start of my business. I had been making a few orders here and there for local shops but nothing of any value really. has been fantastic for me and by the amount of sales that you have had in your 1st year, it looks like it's going to be amazing for you. xx

  8. Yay! Happy Birthday Daiseyley....what an amazing first year.
    I am sorry we didnt get to catch up again this week - that busy little Mrs Fletcher needs to slow down a little!!

    See you soon xxx

  9. Thank you so much everyone - I feel a little overwhelmed with all the good wishes I've had today. There sure are some lovely people in Blog and Twitter land. Thank you. x

  10. Can't believe I missed this - a belated very happy NOTHS birthday! Hope year two is even better for you.


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