Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Yellow (Mellow/Submarine/Pages)

Do you like yellow? I only ask because I don't.

Have I gone into the long and involved story as to why not before? Oh I'll tell you again. I have three sisters and when we were growing up there were obviously a lot of pants, toothbrushes, towels etc etc and so to make life easier my Mum colour coded everything. Anne had red things, Christy had blue things, Lizzie had green things and I had yellow things. Unsurprisingly I'm not keen on yellow. If your entire childhood you were subjected to yellow knickers you probably wouldn't love yellow much either.

Ironically when we got married I ended up with yellow flowers. My nursery owner brother-in-law came up with this great idea of vertical flowers wound round the poles in the marquee and the flowers were ordered in my {I mean our} colour scheme of WHITE. However when they arrived they were very yellow. I seem to remember that everyone was a little concerned that I would have a tantrum, but you'll be glad to know I didn't. Funny that because I feel sure I would now and can't remember why I was so chilled and relaxed about it.

Also I discovered on Friday night that a lot of garden designers dislike yellow too and my friend Flis has devised her very own "ten step plan" to try and overcome her phobia of yellow plants. She was positively shaking looking at some pretty yellow daffodils!


  1. Yellow isn't my favourite colour but I adore pale yellow primroses smothering a green bank.

  2. I really like yellow - possibly because I hardly ever wore it when I was young. Now I realise it suits me and I drag out the same yellow cardigan year after year in Spring and wear it until the Autumn days arrive. I think I should possibly get a new one;) x


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