Friday, 8 July 2011

Fete Worse Than Death

That's not true because actually it's the loveliest fete ever!

Every first Saturday in July our village fete is held at the cricket pitch just behind our house and we love it. As it was Archie's birthday he got to have some friends over and so I had a LOT of boys running around but that is the joy of Fete day!

The children play traditional games like smash the china and have running races. There is a dog show. The raffle, bric a brac, book and cake stalls are popular and the teas and bar compete for custom!

As the day goes on people leave and come back and some of us stay the whole day (!) and in the evening we have the scrummiest barbecue. The children play games of football and cricket and the adults sit around chatting! Perfect.

 The girls do girly things.

And the boys do boy things!

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