Friday, 22 July 2011

Moving On

Today Oscar leaves his primary school - the only school he's ever known. He's looking forward to going to secondary school but I think there is a twinge of sadness at leaving some of his friends and familiar surroundings.
How did this happen?!?

As it is a small village school there haven't been many leavers and joiners and when we look back at the class photos they haven't changed at all - they're just taller! I'm really going to miss his group of friends but hopefully we'll still see them .... it won't be the same though.

So today the boys took in their teacher presents and these are the presents for assistants and just people they like!

I felt a bit mean that I didn't include the shot of vodka!

 Oh and credit where credit is due .... I got the idea from here.


  1. Those are brilliant - I bet they'll love them! Good luck to your tall boy for secondary school; and good luck to you as well - we have a tiny village school too and the thought of "big school" in two years makes me feel a bit wobbly!

  2. They did love them which was good! Headteacher leaving today so was a bit sad saying goodbye. Now for the leavers disco in a few hours .... x


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