Friday, 15 July 2011

Homemade Lemonade

Have to admit that the elderflower cordial I made this year was not a huge success so I'm glad to be back to the tried and tested homemade lemonade recipe which is always delicious.

The recipe could not be easier.

4 Lemons

682g of granulated sugar
30g citric acid
2 pints of boiling water

Peel lemons and squeeze juice. Mix in sugar and citric acid. Pour on boiling water. Cover and leave overnight. Strain and bottle.

You can buy citric acid from the chemist where they will ask you what you want it for. {I always think that if you were going to do something naughty with the citric acid it would be very unlikely that you'd admit it in the middle of your local chemist but probably best not to say making bombs.} 

I love this lemonade and I have a sort of unspoken rule that I only make it in the summer although you could make it all year round but then it wouldn't be such a treat would it ...? It is so refreshing and I've yet to meet a child that doesn't like it and I get to feel really smug when visiting children ask for more homemade lemonade in front of their mums. {Luckily they don't realise how easy peasy it is to make.}

Oh and you might be shocked at the amount of sugar you need but honestly you really do need that much and that is less than the original recipe ... imagine how much is in shop-bought cordials???


  1. I love your exactness with the sugar. Reminds me of the time you came to stay with me in Norfolk and made apple crumble. Made me smile.

  2. Yes yes very funny but as you well know it's because this recipe is in imperial 2lbs sugar, 1oz citric acid and 1 quart of boiling water but I don't have imperial scales any more! x


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