Wednesday, 20 July 2011

I'm glad it's raining

I think the internet is a wonderful place and I love reading people's blogs and seeing the interaction caused by a particular blogger but sometimes I'm baffled by people's insensitive hiding behind anonymous comments.

There was a post by Alice of ...
 the sight of morning ... about an anonymous comment which I think she handled really well. There wasn't any naming and shaming but I hope whoever "anonymous" is they are feeling ashamed. Brilliantly handled. Plainly the comment had, quite understandably, caused some hurt feelings and I hope that all the comments subsequently left have totally expurgated those feelings. It seems to me to be a very simple thing - if you don't like a blog then don't read it. 

On a far more tragic note some friends of ours had a very, very serious accident on their farm on Friday. On trying to glean some more information I came across some comments attached to a news item. What was written there about a story that involved two fatalities was beyond my comprehension. How can people be so thoughtless, callous and plain stupid in making inappropriate comments?

Sad post over. I thought about writing a normal happy post but it just seemed wrong and inappropriate and I really couldn't actually do it ..... there are some families who are going to have a miserable and very sad summer and I'm glad it's raining.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your friends' loss.

    Sometimes I think the comment boxes should be shut off on news stories; an ex colleague of mine was killed in a road accident very recently and some of the speculation in the comments on the local newpaper's website about the cause of the accident was breathtaking to behold.

    Take care.

  2. Thank you dottycookie.Breathtaking is exactly the right word, sad isn't it that people are so lacking in empathy.

  3. My annoyance at some anonymous comments pales into insignificance beside the tragic loss that your friends have experienced. I am sure that they will find comfort in the compassionate support of their friends .

  4. Oh Alice hope you're right - sometimes support is all you can give and you just hope it helps a little bit.


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