Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Book Club - August 2011

I have been going to our village book club since it's inception and we have read some great books, some OK books and some I've not even bothered to finish!

I've decided I will start adding my thoughts (very minimal) on our books here on the blog as we go along. I never seem to be able to think of anything very insightful when I'm at the meetings so maybe jotting it down before I go will help .... ?

Our book for August was One Day by David Nichols.

I really enjoyed this, probably in part because the previous month we had read The Children's Book by A S Byatt, well I say "we had read" I never finished it. Too many characters, too convoluted
, too everything. So One Day came along and it was just two characters, a love story, set in an era I remember so it was already looking better than the previous month. I also found the characters engaging and "real".

I normally find this diary format way of writing really annoying and feel it is a bit of a "cop out" but surprisingly this didn't annoy me. Perhaps it was because the reader had to imagine/fill in the past twelve months or because the way it was written it was relatively easy to piece together what had happened in the intervening months?

And there is a film which some of our book club members have already seen, so it will be interesting to hear their review. I've heard that a
pparently tissues are in order as it's a real tear jerker and you have to ignore the accents (or lack of). Think I'll go and see it soon {any excuse to go out & love going to the pictures}.

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