Friday, 23 September 2011

Quince & Apple Stall

Have since dropped our prices as we decided it was a bit ambitious.

Oscar has seen stalls set up by the side of the road in our village and whilst we were out for a walk last Sunday we got talking to a lovely gentlemen taking his wares in for the night. Oscar's ears pricked up when he heard how much could made from selling fruit by the side of the road and decided that he too would like a "piece of the action" and so he's raiding the garden for anything he can sell.

I would describe it as a slow but steady trade but he's taking it very seriously and leaves his younger brother to put the stall out in the morning (will be given 25% of the proceeds) and replenishes and counts the proceeds when he gets home from school.

For my part I'm just glad to see the fruit going to someone who will use it and all those lovely quinces are getting used.

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  1. If only I were closer I'd gladly have paid £1 for a bag of quinces.

    Clearly the start of something big ... you have a budding entrepreneur on your hands :D


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