Friday, 9 September 2011


Next week I'm going on a one day letterpress course and I'm really, really looking forward to. To get some inspiration I've "collected" a few sayings but I'd quite like to come up with something of my own and maybe I need a bit more than just a saying?? These are a good start though.

I keep finding more and have put them on my Pinterest board but time is running out for me to think up something original.

I also really like old farm sale posters so perhaps I can try and do something based on something like this.

The possibilities are endless .... how on earth will I decide what to do?


  1. I do like the 'happiness' one.

    Have you looked at Quote Garden for pithy/poignant/whatever one liners.

    We just got given a couple of the ardvarkonsea letterpress posters ... have you seen those :D

  2. Will have a look at Quote Garden - thanks.

    Ardvarkonsea .... what ... no I've not seen them??


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