Friday, 2 September 2011

France - Part 5

One of the best days out was a visit to Brantome. A very pretty town that you can canoe around. Perfect. The boys got to canoe and Ed and I got to see the town. The only problem was that I kept having to shout "slow down I want to look" so we just went round twice!

We had to canoe over this!

I got told to "stop taking picture of signs" but how can you not take pictures of French signs .... ?

That's it no more posts on our holiday in France I promise. We had a great time and loved every minute and by blogging about it
 for a week I feel I've extended the holiday a bit :-)


  1. Hello :D

    Lovely photos in all your France posts, but I especially love these sign pictures. I also have a thing about French signs ... we just don't seem to do signs with the same panache here in the UK!

  2. French signs are very photogenic and yes quite unlike anything we have here although I'm rather partial to the font we use.


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